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Caring for an autistic child or a child with disabilities is never easy. Your daily responsibilities are often twice that of a typical parent. Our experienced staff has worked with many families over the years and we understand the daily challenges that you face. Consumer Care Products is here to assist you with a large selection of products for autism treatment and special needs therapeutic care.

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Big Hug™ - Deep Pressure Positioning Aid for Autism Therapy

Our Big Hug, is designed to assist with sensory integration therapy and the treatment of autism by providing deep pressure similar to that of other sensory equipment such as a weighted blanket or a weight vest. Unlike other therapeutic aids, the Big Hug is able to provide maximum affects of deep pressure due to its five, adjustable full body wraps.

The Big Hug allows the caregiver to simultaneously apply different amounts of soft, wrap-around pressure to five separate areas of the body. The caregiver or user is then able to release the Big Hug's wraps after the desired amount of individualized sensory needs are obtained.

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Customer Testimonials

"We just started using the Big Hug, a fun and effective addition to our self-regulation tool box. It provides just right sensory sanctuary from the demands of the environment. Surprisingly light-weight and portable."

- S. Finn OTR-L
Rhode Island Community Living and Supports
Cranston, RI